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Dear Propaganda-Distributing Patron:

Congratulations, you have a religion. Congratulations, you are proud of it.

However. This does not, in any way, shape, or form, give you permission to leave dozens of teeny Christian propaganda comic pamphlets on our shelves.

Your religious beliefs do not give you the right to distribute things like this in our library any more than do the beliefs of those who seem to think that leaving issues of American Atheist magazine in the religion section of non-fiction is appropriate.

Please advertise for your church elsewhere.


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So...here's something I heard that might make everyone who used to work at the library have heart attacks. Or at least be very confused for a while.


...is getting married.

Yeah. You read that right. I was confused too. I didn't realize that George liked people.
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So here's a couple things people said do me today...no joke...

"Do you have 'The Complete Guide to Ass-Burger's Syndrome'?"
---> Asperger's, maybe? Learn to pronounce!

"Would they have hysterical data?"
---> No, but I'm pretty sure they might have historical data.
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To whom it may concern:
We appreciate your patronage. However. There are some concerns we would like to address.

To those with children:
Either teach them proper library etiquette or leave them at home. Screaming in the library is not appreciated. And books are not toys. Neither are the dvds. Teach your freaking kids to put things back on the shelf where they found them, instead of allowing your spawn to pull books and dvds off the shelves, drop them all over the floor, and then just leave them there.

To those with cell phones:
Turn them off! Cell phones should be on silent, or vibrate if you think something urgent might come up. But under no circumstances should you answer said phone inside the library...the entire world doesn't want to know what you're talking about. Even if you're at one of the computers. The computer will (most likely) still be there when you get back. And anyone who walks up to the front desk and expects us to wait on you while you're carrying on an ever-so-important conversation on your cell phone can and will be ceremonially maimed and then thrown out of the library.

To those with complaints about the internet speed:
The Davison Library has absolutely no control over the speed of the internet. If we could make the internet go faster, trust us, we would do such a thing just to get you people to SHUT UP. But. We do not own the internet. We do not control the internet. Therefore, we can do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING regarding the speed of said internet, no matter how much you complain about it.

To the smelly creepy guy:
First and foremost...GET THE HELL OUT OF MY LIBRARY! You smell. Stop staring at me. For the love of God, stop picking up books, flipping through them really quickly with absolutely no intention of actually checking them out, and then leaving them on the end of the shelves even though the books are inevitably the very last book on the shelf, and therefore it's VERY easy to figure out where they came from so you can put them back. Stop using the computers...you got kicked out for looking at child porn once, I honestly don't have any idea why they've allowed you back in. Go away. And take a bath.

To the irritating woman who doesn't know how to use the computers:
Make your damn son teach you how to use the thing, since apparently he knows how to do absolutely everything in the universe. Copying a picture from the internet into a powerpoint and resizing it is not complicated. Also, Elvis is not the best musician in the universe, please stop asking for stuff about him. You've already read everything the library owns regarding Elvis. And stop talking to us. We do not care.

Thank you.
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today at work I discovered what may actually be the funniest name on the face of the planet.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...

Thor Bacon
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Eric and I recently determined that George doesn't have emotions, he only has sarcasm.
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I think only two people on my friendslist will actually understand this, but...when I was doing delivery tonight...I had to send a box to Gaines. I think this may be the first time in history that this has ever happened.
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heh, Neoma got fired. which I find to be highly amusing, simply because the library is probably the place that it's the most impossible to get fired from.
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nightmare trying to get my notebook for chem lab. but making a zillion trips to the bookstore turned out to have its upside, cuz I ended up having lunch with a bunch of Davison kids (Rob, Jenny, Josh P, and Leah Minto). And I think we might make it a regular Wednesday thing. so yay for seeing people I know.

saw Kyle Crawford at the library, which was cool.

and then Bry showed up at work and followed me around for a while, it was cute. he called me a mama duck...but that's okay. I was very happy to see him.
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So yesterday I had kind of an odd/silly/weird experience at work. Kinda freaked me out a little, but I think you all will be entertained by it, lol. (storytime! yay!)

There's this guy that comes into the library sometimes that obviously plays D&D...he's got all of the library's D&D manuals either checked out or on hold right now. He was at the library last night. When he was getting ready to check stuff out, both me and Cindy (the LA that was working with me) had a couple people in line in front of us, so he was kinda hanging out at the back of Cindy's line waiting to see which one of us would get done with our people first. Anyway, he ended up in my line, so I ended up getting into a conversation with him about D&D, about how long each of us had been playing...he was talking about how he's looking for a group and all that stuff, and asking if our group played at the Red Dragon or what, and I told him how we just meet at each other's houses because it's more convenient. It was kind of a longish conversation, but hey, that's cool, it's fun to find other people that play D&D. And then we got to talking about how massive the manuals are, he was saying how they're a pain to carry around, and I told him "yeah, I know, my boyfriend regularly carries around a backpack full of them when we play"...and pretty quick after that he left, with a "have a nice day," because woah, people actually know how to be polite sometimes.

So then I went into the back room to put stuff back there...and I heard Cindy and George laughing about something out front. Then Cindy comes back to the back room and informs me that the guy had been sorta hovering, waiting for my line to go away (which to me it just looked like he was waiting to see which line would go away first, but she says she purposely didn't try to talk to him and see if she could help him cuz it looked like he was waiting for me), and she's like "he was all set to ask you out, but then you said that thing about your boyfriend and he decided it was time for him to go" or whatever...I don't remember exactly what it was that she said, but it was odd anyway. And I was like, "Wait. What just happened here?"

And yeah, I honestly don't really know what to think about all this. I mean, on one hand, I'm not really sure if I believe Cindy or not, cuz from my perspective it looked like he was just being friendly, and was as entertained as I was to find someone else who plays D&D. On the other hand, though...I already know that I'm terrible at reading people. Cindy is kind of a girly-girl type person, so I would expect her to notice stuff like that. And apparently even GEORGE noticed...so...yeah. I officially have no people skills. And there's other weirdness involved too, cuz other than Bry, this is the first guy that I've known to actually show interest in me. I guess it's nice to know that occasionally people notice that I'm female, but at the same time...it's just weird. Cuz I'm not used to people being interested (or, at least, knowing that people are interested...for all that I had to be TOLD about it...).

I kinda feel bad about this whole thing. I mean, first of all, I don't pay attention to what I'm doing enough to really know if I came off as seeming more interested than I actually was or something (I've always been useless at flirting, so I honestly wouldn't recognize if that was the way I was acting if I didn't mean to, if that makes any sense. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I worry that I might be coming off as flirtatious when I'm just trying to be friendly). After all, I'm actually the one that started the whole conversation (cuz it's fun to talk to people about D&D...I did the same thing talking to Amanda's uncle a couple weeks ago...though last night at least I managed not to talk the poor guy's ear off). And second of all, as I already mentioned, I have no people skills, so I honestly didn't even notice that this guy (I think his name is Shaun, if anybody cares) was acting interested. So I feel bad about all this, like...if I'd noticed that he was interested, I could've let him down a little easier, instead of just throwing random references to Bry into the conversation. I kinda feel like a terribly mean person about all this right now.

And I really feel bad because he seems like a pretty cool guy. Like...I'd invite him to join our group for our next campaign if that wouldn't be the most awkward experience ever known to mankind...He said he's been playing for 5 years, so it would be nifty to have another experienced player in the group. Too bad it would be weird and awkward and stuff.

I was telling Bry and Tom about this yesterday, they both seemed relatively entertained by it. Bry was downright amused, really...*shrug* I guess it's a little funny, but I still feel bad about it. And I realized that I just...don't have people skills. At all.

The other weirdness story hardly matters, but I'll mention it anyway. Some random army recruitment guy called me today. And he was so...fake that it was kinda funny. Like, he was acting like he was so interested in my life and everything ("so what made you choose this career idea?" "Oh, I'm sorry to hear your friend died of cancer" etc.), but it was kinda obvious that he didn't really care. I laughed when I finally got off the phone (after like...I dunno...a 5 minute conversation before he actually got to the point), because it was just so ridiculous. Though I've come to the conclusion that I really need to come up with some actual really good reason for not wanting to be in the army (besides not being a big fan of the government and/or besides being a big fan of not dying) so that they'll quit calling me.

Well. Back to studying for chemistry. Hope you enjoyed my story, lol. (Who knows, maybe I'll actually get comments on my journal this time! Wouldn't that be nice?)
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god, I hate it when this happens. this morning started out awesome...had a random warm fuzzy feeling cuz of something I read this morning...

and then this afternoon all went downhill. work sucks (I hate the new system of carts, it doesn't make SENSE!), had a fight with Bry again...

I hate having to come downstairs to eat when I've been crying. it makes it so hard to eat. and now I'm here at work...god. I hate it. I hate feeling like this.

I hate the fact that I'm too emotional all the time and I don't know how to make it stop.

The worst part about this is that when I start hating myself like this, Bry's the one I want to turn to, to be able to talk to about it, and that makes me feel better. But I feel like I can't do that this time...because just wanting to be able to talk to him is what started this fight in the first place.

and I hate that. I hate feeling so helpless.

god. I need a hug. and of course...the one person that I really need a hug from is mad at me.
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Gah. Book sale. Craziness. *head explodes*
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I despise children.

Especially when there's around 20 of them running around the library screaming all at once.
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grr. nowhere does UMF actually tell you how many credits you need to have to be considered as having sophomore status. this is retarded. *sticks tongue out at stupid UMF people*

we've actually got, like...a schedule at work now. it's weird.

had a pretty good weekend, yayness. spent a lot of time with Bry, huzzah. finally saw "The Incredibles"...wasn't too thrilled with the movie, but I was singing along with a lot of the music, lol.

I guess that's all I have to say...I dunno, I had hoped I'd get all long-winded and stuff like I did in my last couple entries, because I kinda like writing like that, but tonight I just don't have it in me.
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I don't wanna go to my labs today. they're annoying, and I really don't know what I'm doing. especially bio today. there's so much in the lab manual and I have no idea how it's gonna get done in 2 hours. chen shouldn't be too bad, we're just mixing acids and bases and measuring the temperature, so that should be pretty easy, but the calculations are gonna take a while I think.

45 minutes until bio lab starts. ugh.

at work yesterday, George was deleting a bunch of old magazines from the system, and since they were just gonna be thrown out anyway, I got to take a bunch of the old bride magazines home. fun stuff, if I ever actually get the chance to look at them.

marching band game tomorrow. I hope it doesn't get too terribly cold.

...though with any luck, even if it does get cold, Bry should be there for me to cuddle with.
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there were dolphin suicides at the library yesterday...

we have these colourful, inflatable fish suspended from the ceiling in the teen section to make it look less drab. and yeah, when I got to work yesterday morning, 2 of the dolphins were on the floor. and I guess the dolphins have names? I dunno if the rest of the fish do, but the two pink dolphins are Mary-Kate and Ashley, and the three purple ones are Larry, Moe, and Curly. three guesses as to who got bored and named the fish.

hung out with Bry yesterday for a long time, it was really nice. we went shopping (I finally got the shirt I need for my "concert black" for wind symphony) then hung out at his house a lot. Katelyn and I blew bubbles! and Dante kept trying to eat them, lol.

go rent the movie "The Librarian." it's good stuff.

nothing else to say, really. history exam tomorrow.

Michigan won, yay. one thing I don't understand: it was Michigan's homecoming...so why was it an away game?

D&D next Saturday.
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whee. at work. have been working desk for all but half an hour of the time I've been here. wouldn't be so bad if there were actually people in here so I had something to do...

but it's okay. nice relaxing-type work, which is good after a long day at school.
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so there's a novel at the library that's just called "Moo."

I'm not sure if that makes me happy or sad.
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I'm at work. it's quarter to 7 and I've gotten hardly any shelving done because I've had to work desk (cuz George was on break).

Kyle is here.

that is all.

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