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Onward to Chicago! Bry and I are going apartment hunting, leaving EARLY tomorrow, and coming home late Saturday night. Woo!


Mar. 14th, 2009 09:55 pm
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Sea dragons.

They are very cool.

Sea Dragons! )


Mar. 14th, 2009 08:01 pm
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So, answer me this.

Am I the ONLY person who flies who DOESN'T like...put their face ON the windows in the plane?

Seriously, every single flight I've been on, there have been face prints on the windows. It's just gross.


Mar. 11th, 2009 08:25 am
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In other news, leaving for my LAST interview today, finally.  Hoping the wind doesn't screw up my flight or any such nonsense.

Also getting to hang out with Jonathan when I get to Evanston, on account of because he goes to school at Northwestern.  Yay for seeing people I haven't seen in months.

Also also...
nevermind.  I thought I had something else to say.  But apparently not.

...but my tummy hurts.  DO NOT WANT.

Rache, sorry I couldn't help ya with your paper...I'd been in bed for an hour when you left that comment on my LJ, and I'm not gonna be around again until Saturday.   Wish I could've helped more!

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So, I saw a sign by the road when I was in Chicago yesterday that made me tilt my head a little.

What's all this, then? )

Also, signs that warn you to beware of falling ice? Actually make me a little nervous.

Also also, I have returned from the land of hotels that want me to give them $6.95 for every 15 minutes of internet usage.
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Start spreading the news
I'm leaving today
I want to be a part of it, New York, New York
These vagabond shoes
Are longing to stray
And make a brand new start of it
New York, New York
I want to wake up in the city that never sleeps
To find I'm king of the hill, top of the heap
These little town blues
Are melting away
I'll make a brand new start of it
In old New York
If I can make it there
I'll make it anywhere
It's up to you, New York, New York.

I want to wake up in the city that never sleeps
To find I'm king of the hill, top of the heap
These little town blues
Are melting away
I'll make a brand new start of it
In old New York
If I can make it there
I'll make it anywhere
It's up to you, New York, New York.

yup, gonna be in NYC for a few days, so...talk to everyone Sunday!
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fun fact about Mackinac Island:
they have 18 bars, 17 fudge shops, 4 churches, and one school. interesting priorities there, lol.
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Thursday after work I'm leaving for Mackinac. so excited!
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Part Shy Kisser

You *do* love to kiss, once your comfortable with it
And that means knowing the person you're kissing pretty well
You usually don't make the first move when it comes to making out
But you've got plenty of intensity in return

Part Passionate Kisser

For you, kissing is about all about following your urges
If someone's hot, you'll go in for the kiss - end of story
You can keep any relationship hot with your steamy kisses
A total spark plug - your kisses are bound to get you in trouble

spent yesterday at Junction Valley Railroad, for the first time in a couple years...played badminton with my family, and I hurt because of it. after that I dropped by Rachel's birthday party (sorry I couldn't stay longer!), then spent the rest of the evening with Bry.

this evening I'm going with my family, Amanda, and Loren to see fireworks in Bay City.

I just realized that I still haven't really said anything about France here. so I guess I'll write a bit...a list really, because I'm too lazy to try to write everything about it.

Things the French don't believe in:
ice cubes
air conditioning
free public restrooms
drinking fountains
personal space
non-smoking sections
politeness (i.e. on the subway)

don't feel like writing anything else at the moment.
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my Frace pictures are now on my computer, but they're huge and it would take too long to upload them and stuff, besides the fact that there's 152 of them, so I won't be putting them in my LJ. that means that you have to come over if you want to see them!


Jun. 20th, 2005 08:12 am
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I leave town in less than 4 hours. have to be at the airport in about 7 hours. plane (theoretically) takes off in just over 10 hours.

meep. here I go, I guess.
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open houses today. taking Rachel to Wolverine tomorrow. France Monday!

still scared...but less worried. because now I know I'm gonna have at least a little fun. why? because we get to see the PARIS OPERA HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *squee* I'll take lots of pictures of it for you, Bry, don't worry.

had a lot of fun at Emily's last night...we definitely took a field trip to Huckleberry Junction just because we could. yay for being random.

I have to do all my packing this evening. Actually, I may start this morning, since I don't have to be anywhere until like 2.
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so I figured I should probably update, since it's been quite a while...

my open house was Sunday. it was...big. I think my parents counted like 78 people there, and that doesn't even include all my friends that showed up. so there were a lot of people in my house, and they were all staring at me. I don't think I actually had very much fun until most of the adults left.

it was kinda weird when the Cristianos' son John was following me around...yeah. I mean, I hadn't seen the family in years and years, and John decided he was going to follow me around the whole time he was there. and before you all go "aww, how cute" as if he were a small child...he's like 15 or 16. so yeah, it was kinda strange. I mean, I took him to the side porch where my camp friends were, because I figured he'd get along with them because he's known Ellen forever, but when I went back inside, he followed me again. yeah. still mass confusion here...

other than weirdness, I had a lot of fun in the evening. a bunch of my friends were there, we played Apples to Apples until like 11:15ish, which was cool.

anyway, since then, I've pretty much been keeping busy with work and music filing and stuff. spent most of the day yesterday with Bry, which was lovely.

3 more days until France. I haven't even started packing, or even really thought about packing. I'm excited...I think. nervous, too. it's gonna be weird, being in a different country. and I'm not looking forward to the plane ride at all.

work, then Emily's open house tomorrow. Saturday I have to pack for France in the morning, then open houses, then probably finishing packing in the evening. Sunday, I'm riding up with my parents to drop my sister off at camp...then Monday I leave, but I get to have breakfast with Bry first, so I get to see him again before I leave.
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There's been a request that I post all of what happened in NY, so here goes. Starting with Friday, because nothing really happened on the bus Thursday night.

Friday morning we got to our hotel at 5:15 in the morning, but we weren't scheduled to be there until 6, so we had to sit on the bus for a while before we could even go in to get changed and eat breakfast. we had breakfast at the hotel, it was pretty good. I ended up sitting with Logan, Barkman, Dana, Anna, my brother, and a couple of his friends. my brother and his friends ended up talking about time travel and stuff, which hurt my brain that early in the morning. so then we headed off to Ellis Island, where we had to wait for a while before we could get on the ferry, and it was cold outside. did Ellis Island, did Statue of Liberty (where we couldn't go inside because we didn't have passes), then went back onto dry land again. we saw Battery Park and did some shopping stuff, then went to the World Trade Center site, which wasn't very fun...we spent the whole time at the site itself just trying to find our pod, because we kept losing people. it was cold outside, we spent a lot of time being huddled together and stuff. and being amused by Logan's +5 Cloak of Valour. then we were at the memorial building thing, which in itself was boring. but sitting on the steps with Logan and Sarah and Emily was really fun. dinner at Chevy's Fresh Mex, good time, lousy food. and as a warning to the general public, if you every hear Logan or Barkman use the phrase "Fresh Mex," you might want to run. anyway, after dinner we went back to the hotel to unload and stuff, got settled in for the night, etc. our hotel was near an airport, and right next door to a beer factory. Bry called me and we talked for about 20 minutes, that was sweet of him. went to bed around 10:30 or 11 that night, because we had to get up like 6ish the next day, but oh well. that was the most sleep I got the entire trip.

Saturday morning we got up and went back into the city. stood outside NBC for a while and some of us ended up on TV, though I don't know who yet because I haven't seen a tape of it yet. then we went to breakfast, then...I don't really remember all of what we did. shopping (Armani, BLEH), saw St Patrick's Cathedral (where I took a lot of pictures)...that was really about it. had lunch at Mars 2112, which wasn't really all that fun. our pod got all split up so we couldn't sit together, and I ended up sitting with a lot of people I didn't really know. after that we had festival, not much to say there except that the warm-up room was a lecture hall and the stage sucked. after festival we rushed back into Manhattan to go to the musical. I didn't think it was that great of a musical...definitely not school-appropriate, and I didn't really like it that much. was really jealous because Phantom was playing at the theatre right across the street from us, and I think we should've seen it instead. after the musical we got back to the hotel at 12:15 in the morning and still had to shower, so we didn't get to bed until about 1:00.

Sunday morning our chaperone knocked on our door at 4:52, because we had to get everything packed and start loading the bus at 5:30. I was packed and ready in about 15 minutes, but my roommates (read: Anna) took a long time to finish packing, so it was about 5:50 when we finally went downstairs. got to the pier for our breakfast cruise, and waited around for about an hour. Me and Sarah and Emily ended up spending a lot of time singing Phantom music to pass the time. sat with Sarah, Emily, Logan, Barkman, and Dana at breakfast, that was a good time. I wasn't really awake until partially through breakfast, but that's about when I started finally having fun. the awards ceremony after the cruise was a little pointless...it took like 10 minutes I think. anyway, concert and symphonic both got 2nd place, and orchestra got 1st (if I remember right). then we did a little more sight-seeing and shopping and stuff, toured Carnegie Hall, ate lunch in Central Park...don't remember exactly all of what we did, it was kind of a blur. had a tour of NBC studios, saw where SNL is taped, I guess that was a little fun maybe. ended up at Times Square to take the big group picture, then went into Virgin Records for a while (where I found a Save Ferris CD for 13 bucks, yay!). had dinner at BB King's, where I sat with Emily, Barkman, Dana, Sarah, and Logan again (hmm, are we sensing a trend here?). after dinner we went to the Empire State Building. waited in line for like an hour with Sarah and Emily and Logan, that was a good time right there. we had to rescue Logan from the picture line when we went to walk the last 6 flights, lol. then we ended up sending out a search party for him when we lost him on top of the building. by the time that was over, it actually made me sad that I had to go back to my bus and be separated from my fun people. ate breakfast with them the next morning, though, so that made up for it a little.

I'd have to say, the most fun part of the trip was getting to know the five of them so much better. makes me wish this wasn't my last band trip, because who knows when we'll have the chance to all hang out as a group again.

speaking of which, I give to you...

The Logan Scrapbook )

VOTE FOR MY PICTURE! I didn't think it would even turn out, but it ended up looking like a Jones label. so vote for it.

Mummy's putting up NY pics on the band website. so far they're all ones I took because nobody else has sent her any. www.dbob.org go look.

lovely. I started this entry around 5pm. it's now 10:08, and I've finally finished.
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I miss most of my goofy pod people. NY was fun...sort of. exhausting. don't really have the energy to write all about it right now, since I was actually gonna go to bed half an hour ago.

but it's weird not to be surrounded by people. and shiny things. and strange not to always have someone right there to talk to.

I feel like I've got so much space right now. like if I talk too loudly, the house will echo. it's really weird to be in a building with only 4 other people total.

list of random memories/inside jokes/whatever:
~ poke prod STABBITY
~ scurrying businessman
~ ooh, shiny things!
~ coca-cola commercial
~ the "Logan scrapbook" (which I will eventually be posting here, because it's fricking hilarious)
~ fresh mex. (icky boys)
~ "Jo stole my hat and I'm having separation anxiety"
~ "The only communicable disease we have is insanity"
~ fedora!
~ sending out a search party for Logan

I'll write more stuff eventually. like when I'm more awake.
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news: we will be getting "In the Mood" for jazz band. next week. mostly because I sorted through it, and then pouted until Schuster said we could play it, lol. it's missing 2nd trombone part, but everything else is there. I'm excited about that. and I've put it where he can't lose it again.

one week until New York, yay! gotta get as much time as possible with Bry before then though...so definitely looking forward to Saturday.

I had something else to say, but I've totally forgotten it now. and that makes me a sad panda.
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wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Florida was awesome! I miss the palm trees though. and I miss being warm.

we watched so many movies on the bus I can hardly remember them all now...on the way there we watched "School of Rock" (stupid), "Coyote Ugly" (better than I expected), "Emperor's New Groove" (listened to music through it), "Billy Madison" (not bad), and "Matrix" (slept through most). on the way home we watched "Mr Deeds" (slept through it), The Goonies (listened to music and dezed through it), "Bringing Down the House" (pretty stupid), and "Finding Nemo" (ignored it). and I know I'm forgetting some. oh well.

Magic Kingdom was really cool, for all that I really expected not to like it. I got Robin Hood's autograph! lol. went on Pirates of the Caribbean (duh), Haunted Mansion (sweet), and Peter Pan's Flight (very cool), and also walked through the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse. I spent a lot of time trying to track down Peter Pan, but never did find him. he was in the parade at the very end of the day, but I didn't have my camera out, which I'm still kicking myself for. if anybody that's reading this got a good picture of him, I want a copy!

Epcot was decent...we spent the whole time in the part where it's a bunch of other countries. spent lots of time in Japan for Rachel G, Germany for Loren, and Britain for me. I got a picture of me in a British phone booth! also got Mary Poppins' autograph, lol.

MGM was pretty cool I guess. the Star Wars ride was awesome! the great movies ride was pretty cool as well, very relaxing (which is nice when you've been on your feet three days in a row). we watched the Beauty and the Beast show, which was pretty nifty. saw the Muppet 3D Vision thing, very cool. got Kermit the Frog's autograph, which is actually a stamp because his fingers are too long to hold a pen.

symphonic and concert bands each got 2nd place in their respective categories, orchestra got first. still trying to figure out what the judges were smoking.

and now, one of Jennie's random lists because they're fun...

Things I liked:
~Peter Pan!
~Pirates of the Caribbean ride
~shiny wands
~pretty castle that I took a zillion pictures of
~listening to Schuster act like a little kid on the way to Magic Kingdom
~Haunted Mansion ride
~Peter Pan's Flight ride
~Star Wars
~watching Schuster sing in the House of Blues
~not actually spending any money on food at Disney
~fuzzy Ewok and Winnie the Pooh
~Beauty and the Beast
~random British people at Disney
~England in Epcot
~palm trees
~leaves on trees
~hardly any sunburn
~FastPass things in Disney
~staying up talking until almost 1 the last night in the hotel
~Random Confused Guy!!!!!!!!
~symphonic band kids figuring out songs on their mouthpieces/reeds
~getting my picture with Robin Hood

Things I didn't like:
~bus ride too long
~not watching good movies on the bus
~not sleeping on the bus
~sunburned scalp
~waiting in lines
~smelly bus

I slept until 10:30 today and have done nothing but shower and unpack. my room still looks a bit like a disaster area. I think I'll do my calc homework and fold laundry and ignore the rest of my homework cuz I can do it over spring break.

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