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Holy. Frick.

I've been like...super slaphappy all day. Like, to the point where Patrick and I were laughing about stupid stuff all through biochem. And biochem is NOT supposed to be funny.

On the up side, ran into Jenny this morning. Apparently she DOES exist outside of blurry pictures! So that was cool. Also ran into Kaydie when I was buying tickets to Nick's show. Yay theater this weekend.

That is all.
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rawr...4 exams in the next 8 days, I may actually die from the stress.  especially with homecoming stuck in the middle of that.

up side, "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change" was good.

I don't think I have anything else to say right now.  *shrug*
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oh wow, yesterday was...incredible.

Bry and I went to see Howl last night, and I'm so glad we did, because it was absolutely amazing. I can't say that I've ever gotten an adrenaline rush from a musical before...but that's just how good this play was. My only regret is that last night was closing night, so I won't have another opportunity to see it again, unless it makes it big. Which it had better, or else I'm protesting. Loudly. Because it's just that wonderful. And it turns out that one of the guys that wrote it was Bry's English teacher last fall, which is really cool. But yeah...by the time the play was over, I was absolutely in shock. And yes, I know I'm gushing about it...that should tell you just how much I loved it.

After the play, we went back to Bry's house for a while, and that was wonderful too. I won't go into much detail, because most of you won't care, but I'll just say that we had a really emotional experience. And it was absolutely amazing...and so hard to have to go home afterwards. I told him how hard it was to have to leave, and he told me, "Someday you won't have to go...because you'll already be home." And that was absolutely the sweetest thing anybody's ever said to me (I'm getting all teary just writing about it, lol). So I'm incredibly happy right now...I can't even begin to say how great things are looking.
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I just finished reading "Perks of Being a Wallflower" again. I don't know what it is about that book, but I just keep coming back to it. Especially in the fall. I dunno why, but it feels like such an autumn sort of book. And what was a little weird is that I just read Colin's most recent LJ entry, and it reminded me a lot of that book.

Other news, I saw Another Misprint this weekend, which was pretty cool, though I was disappointed in the lack of Phill. After the concert we played D&D for the first time in like a month. Laura and Nick showed up for about half an hour in the middle too, which was pretty cool cuz I hadn't seen them in absolutely ages. I've missed my Laura! XD So yay for seeing them, and yay for actually playing for once. We quit early, though, cuz I was practically falling asleep at the table, I feel kinda bad about it, but I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to make it for another hour and a half...and I honestly don't think it would've been fun for anyone to try to play when one of the players isn't conscious.

Also went to the game on Friday night, which was pretty fun. Bry surprised me and showed up halfway through the second quarter, which was awesome because I didn't expect to see him there. I love it when he does little things like that to surprise me. The band looks and sounds great, so yay for them...and I can't wait until homecoming. Someone will need to let me know what time alumni need to be at rehearsal that day, by the way.

So I've got a quiz in about half an hour that I should probably study for. But I don't feel like it, because I studied already today. Blah. First exams for all my classes are coming up soon too...bio on Friday, chem and anthro next Wednesday.

Bry and I are going to see Howl on Saturday, which I'm pretty excited for (if they have tickets still, that is...I need to go buy tickets today).
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so there's going to be a musical about Grace O'Malley opening in Chicago in October or so. sounds exciting.
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musical was cool. so I'm going back again tonight. and I would definitely recommend that you guys go see it too. hopefully somebody I know will be there so I don't get stuck sitting alone (*ahem* Tom, Nick, Laura, Loren, Jenny, Krystle, Rachel, anyone else who's back in town, come see the play!).

going to Oakland to see Amanda today. Which will be really cool, cuz I haven't really spent much time with her lately (that whole...her going to school an hour away thing...) So yay!
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Know what I miss?
I miss flowers.

seriously. I used to have flowers by my bed all the time. like...I think at the end of last school year I had flowers for an entire month, because as soon as one set died, I got others for some other reason (prom, graduation, open house...that sort of thing).

I miss it.
They were pretty.
And they smelled nice.

Would make mornings a little easier to deal with, I think.

And on an entirely unrelated note: Me and Bry's year and a half anniversary is tomorrow! Yay! We're going to see a play (Zombies! lol)...and I've got a surprise for Bry, it'll be fun. cuz I made it myself. and I think he's really gonna like it.

wow, this was like...an actual update-type thing. that hasn't happened in a long time.
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I'm actually updating. With actually semi-relevant stuff. Be afraid. (And...I'm capitalizing the beginnings of sentences! Which is weird lately.)

So anyway, this weekend was a lot of fun. Friday night Bry and I went to see Jenny's play, which was pretty good. Not something I probably would've gone to see if Jenny hadn't been in it, but I still enjoyed it. And Bry loved it, of course. It was a good time. And Bry and I had a great conversation in the car on the way home...can't remember exactly what it was about, but it was good. We've been having a lot of awesome conversations lately, actually. It's cool.

Saturday was Harry Potter! Yay! It was...shiny, as Tom so aptly noted.
Spoilers! So don't read this if you haven't seen the movie yet! )
Conclusion: loved the movie, but too much book to fit into 2 and a half hours.

After the movie, we all (me, Bry, Tom, Craig, Loren, and Travis) went to Archie's and hung out there for a while, of course. During which, Loren decided that Lord Voldemort is a warm fuzzy teddy bear on the inside. And I came to the conclusion that everybody knows what my Christmas present from Bry is. Except me. After that we kinda dispersed, I hung out at Bry's house for another couple hours. Cuddling and stuff, yay.

Yesterday I ended up at Bry's house again...for like 4 hours in the evening. Watching him and Tom play Final Fantasy. And it was really fun, oddly enough. I didn't want to leave when it was time for me to go home...Tom suggested I should just stay all night, but...my parents would've killed me. Besides the fact that I had an exam at 9am today. Honestly, if it weren't for classes and spazmodic parents, I probably would've stayed. Because I'm that much of a nerd.

And as a result of yesterday, I've had the chocobo music stuck in my head all day. It'll be stuck in your head too, go watch this: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/58184

Mr. MacLean is playing in the wind symphony with us now. It's interesting. He's loud.

I think that's really all I had to say.

So for those of you that are too lazy to read all that, here's a summary:
Cool play.
Shiny HP.

Thank you, and good night.
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saw Robin Hood last night with Laura, which was as hilarious as promised. and very...flamboyant. after the show, Laura and Nick and I went to Archie's because Laura wanted chocolate (which we decided afterwards may not have been such a great idea, lol), and we definitely sat there for like an hour and a half. had interesting conversations on such topics as Burger King (boo hiss boo hiss!) and...um...have forgotten a lot of the stuff we talked about, due to having been in a sugar-high, tired, vaguely giddy stupor-type-thing at the time. oh, and Laura got chocolate all over herself, first by accident, then on purpose because she got irritated.

after Archie's, we were all still wide awake and had nothing better to do, so we ended up going to my house for like 2 hours, having more interesting and strange conversations which included evil ducks and my brother giving a demonstration of his mad cow impression. somewhere around 1:15 in the morning I had to take Laura and Nick home.

all in all, it was a lot of fun. it seems like it's been a while since the last time I just spent hours goofing off hanging out with people until the wee hours of the morning.
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musical was cool.

yesterday was fun because I had a lot of good conversations with people. like I spent half an hour talking to Danny about stuff (goofy stuff, yes, but still a fun conversation). at the musical I saw Brittany and Amanda Fecher and Monica, so I talked to them for a while at intermission, and then after the musical I had a nice conversation with Matt Rossman. That was fun, since he's still as goofy as ever...and for once I managed to have a conversation with him where I didn't feel like a total idiot the entire time. yay.

we had a party in band yesterday because of Josh's birthday...I think we should just make that an every Friday thing in band.

taking Bry to the musical tonight. yay.
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yes, I'm updating from work. I think there's approximately 15 people in the entire library right now, that's how ridculously slow it is here today. And I'm working desk, so I get to be online if I want to. What fun. It feels like it should be time to go home already...but I've only been here for an hour and a half. I don't think I've ever seen a day this slow.

I think I'm gonna go see Jenny's show tonight! I'm excited for that...it should be interesting.

I've been in a crazy writing mood lately. Not a creative writing mood, so no, no more poems...but just a writing mood. Unfortunately, I don't have the motivation to use that towards doing homework. I'm such a slacker.
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so I'm just now realizing that somewhere along the line, I've developed a social life. I mean, in the next 4 days, the only day I'm not going out and doing something is the day I have to work in the evening. seriously. today I'm going to Bryant's, then Amanda's on Friday, Jenny's play on Saturday, and Betsy's party on Sunday. woo.

and I've been looking at football schedules...and I should be able to go to my friends' games this year. w00t!


Jun. 17th, 2004 04:32 pm
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Monty Python is being made into a musical!!!!! read this and this


Schu wasn't torturing me as much today. which was nice.

my freckles are resurrecting themselves.

we listened to our show music today...it's super cool! part of In Calum Fero sounds like PotC...very cool. our closer sounds like it's going to be insane though.
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wow it was even cooler tonight. especially all the cardinals and stuff. closing night antics are the best.

especially the cardinal in the booze and Kelsey's empathy belly.

and of course Steve's ad-lib. that totally made me laugh.

I saw a few more college kids today, though I didn't get a chance to say hi. Zac and Megan, the Stevens twins (Phil's hair is kinda poofy and a wee bit blond now), Mike Schuplin, Jeff Woolston (I almost didn't recognize him cuz he cut his curls off again and had his hair all combed nice and was dressed all nice and it just kinda confused me...the glasses didn't help either), and Jake McCarthy were all there.
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yes, I've been thinking in Scottish since last night. it's good stuff.

musical was super-cool! and of course I've had its music running through my head since last night.

I <3 everyone involved in musical.

and I think it's very funny that of all the guys involved in musical, only one of them didn't look perfectly natural in a kilt.

my sister's over-enthusiasm was rampant yesterday...after the musical when we were wandering around talking to people, she definitely went up to Alison and Steve and asked for their autographs. Alsion thought it was cute...Steve kinda laughed at her. and then I laughed at him because he puts so many flourishes on his signature. silly kid. ah well, it gave me an excuse to be close enough to him that I could shake his hand, so it's all good.

I got to see a whole bunch of the college kids, that was pretty cool. Got to talk to Sarah, Brittany, Teresa, and Monica for the first time in like a year. and Graham was there too...he thinks my little sister is weird, which is really funny. I swear if that kid's hair was any more blond it would be transparent.

Reel Big Fish is gonna be in Michigan June 29 (Sterling Heights) and 30 (Grand Rapids). we all need to go one of those days. it would be cool if we got a big group together to go. what do you reckon? post a comment if you'd like to help organize, cuz we could get a great group of people together if we tried.
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just saw Rich and Jenny's play...and it was sweet. I enjoyed it tres much!

I also think I gave more hugs tonight than I have on any given day since the end of band camp. Rich and Jenny were both total sobbing messes, so I kept giving them hugs until they were breathing again.

I have some advice for them though: "don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." hope it helps. I love you guys!

wow. it was awesome though.
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that was horrible. I just saw "Ella Enchanted" and it was really bad. I suppose that, taken by itself, with no knowledge of the book at all, it would be a pretty good movie...but there's a slight issue of the fact that THEY CHANGED THE ENTIRE FREAKING PLOT!!!!!!!!! the only thing that stayed the same was the names of the characters. it was absolutely abysmal. I mean really. dancing elves? and a main character that wasn't even in the book?

some of the music sounded vaguely like LotR though. and the guy playing Prince Char had hobbit hair.

festival results: two 2's and a 1 for performance, a 1 for sight-reading, so a 2 overall.

amusing thing of the day: Greg asking Schuster "could you make your downbeats more...downbeatish?"

yay! I get to go see Jenny's play tonight. I wonder if my family will come with me...I'm kinda freaked out by the thought of driving through Flint alone at night.
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OMG "Mousetrap" was so ├╝bercool! I'm not gonna tell ya who did it, you'll have to just go see it for yourself sometime. but it was very nifty.

and I loved how the policeman was so obviously from Liverpool. I can't usually tell what part of Britain most accents are from, but Liverpool is so obvious.

aie. so much church in such a short amount of time. my brother and dad are going to church tonight for Easter vigil (Dad's playing in the choir and Eric is serving) and then we're going to 2 masses tomorrow (at 10 because Eric and Dad are playing, and at noon because mum and Rachel are singing and Eric is playing).

and we went to church on Thursday too (for Holy Thursday mass because it's a holy day of obligation (and yet I can only recall having gone to 2 Holy Thursday masses ever) and because Mum was singing and Eric was playing).

it was kinda funny on Thursday though...after mass I was helping the choir move music stands and chairs and stuff as usual, then we ended up standing in the choir room and talking to Ian's family for like 15 minutes like we always do. and Ian and I were poking my sister with sticks, lol...because he'd been poking her just to be irritating, and I was like "no, it's so much more fun this way" and I pulled one of the chopsticks out of my hair and started poking Rachel with it. Ian stood there contemplating for a minute, then grabbed the other chopstick from my hair and started poking Rachel. it was insanely funny.

that kid makes me laugh. he's so...quirky.

so mass tomorrow will be my last human contact for a week...unless Loren comes over to play DDR. I never get to see people when I'm on vacation. I need to remedy that.


Apr. 9th, 2004 03:29 pm
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I get to go see a play tonight at the U of M theatre...it's Agatha Christie's "The Mousetrap" which is like the longest running play ever or something like that. it's gonna be grand.
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got home from Beauty and the Beast like 20 minutes ago...so I'm insanely hyper...I mean really, fairy tales for 2 hours? who wouldn't be hyper?

fairy tales make me happy.

anybody that hasn't seen 10th Kingdom needs to. it's a 6 and a half hour fairy tale. tres fun.

I should be doing calc make-up work right now. or French. but I think I'm gonna go to bed.

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