Holy crap.

Apr. 19th, 2010 06:11 pm
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I very much wish to go to this.

And it's coming to Chicago at the end of October.

Also, appropriate icon is appropriate.
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...I think I may be surrendering to the meme. Because I totally have time to come up with an entire fictional tv show.

Not that anybody's given me a prompt, but I kinda thought up one on my own. Based solely on one casting decision. And now it's kinda turning into something that might have a plot and stuff.


ETA: 2 hours later, I now have casting for the main characters, plus beginnings of bios for the characters. No plot as of yet, but it's starting to work its way in that direction.

Cool stuff

Feb. 20th, 2010 06:17 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] isurrendered

This is cool. Way too fun to read. I'm having problems with wanting these shows to be real, as they're pretty much all better than 90% of what's on tv today.

Also, these shows? Have significantly less diversity fail than most of what's on tv today. And women who seem to converse about things other than men.

Why can't these be real?!?

Also, I have this vague niggling question in the back of my head of whether this whole meme was at all inspired by Shadow Unit. Because that's what it reminded me of when I very first started reading the things.
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Shopping yesterday. Much poorer now, but got some good loot:

New laptop! Shiny, with lovely clicky keys. Vista remains a POS, but at least I had an install disc for Office 2003 so I don't have to deal with shitty Office 2007.

And I found giftcards from last Christmas in my wallet, enabling me to get 4 CDs for 10 bucks:

Regina Spektor - Begin to Hope
Within Temptation - Mother Earth
- The Silent Force
- The Heart of Everything

Spent New Year's Eve with Bry...we watched WALL-E and Eagle Eye, which were both good. WALL-E was a lot better than expected...case in point, there was a spork.

I have to go back to school on Tuesday. DO NOT WANT.
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Mmm, grades are posted for all my classes now...and I'm happy. Amazed that I got 191/200 on my chem final, I was kinda expecting worse. But, now that I think about it, that's a 95%, which is around what I'd been getting on all the tests, so I guess it makes sense?

did all my giftwrapping yesterday, which I'm actually really proud of, because I never have it done that early. so yay for that being finished.

also gave Tom his gift yesterday, which he seemed to like...which is good, I always get all excited when people like the stuff I get them. and I've got good stuff for all the other people I'm giving gifts to, too, so...excitement! giving Bry his stuff tomorrow, I can't wait.

we decorated our tree last night, that was a lot of fun...it's all pretty now (and doesn't look like a Charlie Brown tree, Thomas!). My brother made the remark that it was kind of funny that we were observing one of the last pagan vestiges of the Christmas celebration on the winter solstice. I was kinda amused by that.

my house smells of pumpkin right now cuz we've got like 20 little loaves of pumpkin bread baking. that stuff is freaking awesome.

reading time is wonderful, I've been reading so much lately, it's awesome.

Yup, that's all I've got right now.
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I got to play with green glowy bacteria in cell lab today. It was exciting. and SHINY!

I burned myself in chemistry though...aluminum blocks used to heat things to 85*C hurt when you touch them.

I heard that there was a big fireball in the chem section on Tuesday...I kinda wish I'd seen it, but at the same time, it sounds like it was pretty scary. And somehow it managed to cause a flood in the whole chem lab too, which is kinda crazy.
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oh, did I mention...our Christmas tree is shiny now!
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ren fest today was super fun. hung out with my family for a while, then we ran into a whole bunch of people we knew all at once: Chris F. and his girlfriend, the Donovans (interestingly, Donovan looks almost more natural in a kilt than in normal clothes), and Laura, Nick, Emily, and Randy. so I hung out with Laura and them for quite a while. good times. Washing Well Wenches were dumb like woah. Laura and Nick and I went in search of shiny things for me, cuz I decided I was actually gonna buy something for myself for once, and I ended up getting myself a dragon ring. it's shiny! and I also bought a leather rose (black, of course) for Bry, which he seems to have really appreciated.

so yes. today was a good day.

Tuesday I have to stop by the school and grab a mellophone for myself. yay for marching on Friday.

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