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[livejournal.com profile] tvrealm has a challenge right now where we have to listen to music and then make graphics based on the lyrics.

I, in my infinite wisdom, decided I was going to make tumblr graphics.

And to my utter surprise, I actually like some of them. The best ones are at the bottom, because yes, I'm going to make you keep scrolling. (I'll probably put the ones I like up on tumblr at some point; I'll add links in here to the tumblr posts so you can reblog if you want.)

They weren't supposed to be mostly Supernatural, but, well. That's what I'm currently mainlining, so it's on my mind.

10 500x500 graphics below )
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I'm tired. And I'm watching the M*A*S*H final episode.

I've pretty much been looking like this THE WHOLE TIME:


Jan. 3rd, 2011 03:40 pm
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Having The Blargh while on vacation means you watch a lot of tv. Seriously, since Thursday I've watched:
-all four seasons of A Bit of Fry and Laurie
-CSI:NY season 1
-M*A*S*H season 2 episodes 1-10, currently watching episode 11. And will probably continue watching this all evening.

Went to work this morning, did some paperwork, sent some samples for sequencing, and came home a bit after 11 because apparently commuting is exhausting.
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the Pentagon. four walls and a spare. monument to Murphy's Law.

words of wisdom from Colonel Potter...
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had a doctor's appointment this morning, which sucked. a lot.

Laura came over this afternoon and we hung out for a long time. spent many hours watching MASH and eating. so I now feel fat and lazy.

but it's nice to be lazy once in a while.

...oh, hey. any band kids that are going in for their uniform fitting tomorrow morning, I'll be in the music room from 9 until 1-ish, if you wanna drop by and say hello. I would greatly appreciate mild distraction from the monotony.

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