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holy crap...so I'm sitting here at school...and my friend Brassie just walked by.

and for those of you that don't think that sounds particularly shocking...she lives in Armada and I haven't seen here in like two years. was freaking crazy.
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Cricket bits

That punch is green? I thought it was orange!

You just used the word "elicit" at 11:30 at night!

giant green ball

..........I wish I could remember more! Cuz...this just can't even begin to explain how silly and hilarious the past 9 hours have been. Wish Kirsten and Ellen and Jo had been there though, that would've just made it even more awesome.
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aw poo, Another Misprint's concert is now at 2, so I'm not going to be able to make it to that, cuz there's no way I'm bailing on Betsy and Jon and Justin after only an hour of seeing them after having not seen them since Christmas. I'm disappointed that I can't make the concert (and I feel bad because Tom's not going to see it because I'm not going), but on the up side, there's less stress in trying to get back to town so early, so I can see the B-Ham kids for a while longer.
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Justin is a slut.
Jon is a skank.

"Well who else would be the flying squirrel?"

"So who's Boris and Natasha?"
"Jennie and Jon!"
Jon: "Why do I have to be Natasha?"
Justin: "I think that was more of an insult to Jennie."

Justin: "I touch my feminine side often. It has a bit of a rash."

Justin looking shady in his coat.

Ellen's fuzzy socks.

"I passed AP addition!"

"I just got rejected by the rejection hotline." (when it said all the lines were busy)

"I don't even know what's coming out of my mouth anymore."

"Did I just hear somebody say "suicidal rape"?"

"I'm like an ox, except that I'm not blue and I don't have a lot of lumberjack friends."

I can't think of anything else right now. Anybody else remember any of the good one-liners?
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*sigh* I know I should be feeling...something...right now, but I don't know what...and I don't think I really feel anything.

it's hard to believe it's almost over. that after tomorrow, there's a lot of people I'll probably never see again. tomorrow...god, this is it. the end of...everything I've ever known, sort of.

I guess it's just hard to fathom. I feel like it shouldn't be me already. like I should still be one of the kids who's dealing with their older friends going off and graduating, not like I actually am one of the older friends now. it's so weird...I've been waiting for this for so long, waiting to get out of school, but now...I almost don't want tomorrow to come. I don't want to have to say goodbye to everyone.

Kara and Chelsea started crying in band today, and it was all I could do to not start crying myself. I'm going to be such a mess tomorrow 6th hour...have to figure out if there's any way to fit tissues into my ├╝ber-full purse.

it's so hard to think of what to say right now...I've got so many thoughts running through my head, but yet I don't know if I could even put any of it into words.

I guess this feels kinda like the last day of camp all over again. only bigger. and I'm really glad we're not playing in band tomorrow, because I definitely wouldn't be able to do it at all. It would be like "Just a Closer Walk" all over again. which is now running through my head. and if it's still there tomorrow...well, there's guaranteed tears right from the start.

I guess that was the requisite "deep thought/reminiscence" senior post. though, who knows, there might be more later...*shrug*
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I'm totally in the mood to write right now, except that the one thing I should be writing is the one thing I can'd make myself work on. I was the same way this morning too...wrote a big long reply to the RP that Bryant and I have, but got practically nothing done on my English. I do hope Bry writes back to the RP soon though...lately I've been really needing to write my character, can't really explain why though. The RP is turning out pretty cool so far, though...for all that it's covered approximately 2 hours (or less, I'm really not sure), it's 19 pages. I really do think it's going to end up turning into a novel. Which would be really cool, actually...especially if by some miracle it got published or something. It needs work, obviously, for continuity and grammar and stuff, but that's not too hard to fix. And I really shouldn't be worrying about it right now anyway, as there's no guarantee it'll get that long. Though at the rate we're going, it looks like it might. And I've got some interesting stuff to add to it soon, probably right after the next part Bry writes I think; I've been planning this one scene for a long time now, and I'm really excited that I finally get to write it.

And as for news slightly more grounded in reality...Bry bought me flowers today. No particular reason at all...they just appeared on the windshield of my car when I got out of school. I love it when he does stuff like that, I really do. It took me by surprise, certainly, but it was really sweet. And now my room is pretty again.

It appears that I won't be getting to go to state quiz bowl, because Schuster's being an arse about things. His main argument is based on band being a class and other stuff being extracurricular...he doesn't seem to even realize that symphonic orchestra is an extracurricular activity for winds/percussion. He also doesn't seem to realize that it's not fair to expect people to drop things they've had planned for months just because suddenly we've gone to state. Besides, this is (I think) the first time the Davison quiz bowl team has ever made it to the state level. So let us have our damn team! *fumes*

Every so often in the past couple days I've gotten this weird sense that people are mad at me. I think Schuster's mad at me because I want to do quiz bowl. I felt like my parents were mad at me when I came home from Bry's today, even though I told them exactly where I was and when I was going to come home, and that's the way it's supposed to work. And yet, somehow, even though it feels like people aren't happy with me, I'm still managing to be content and stuff. I'm not quite sure how this works, actually. I know that if this had happened a week ago, I'd probably be in tears right now...but I'm not. I've been happy for almost a week now, which is quite an improvement. I've no idea where it came from (though it's interesting to note that the return of happiness coincided with the first day the sun came back out), but I hope it stays.

Laura brought a bride magazine to lunch today, so everyone at our lunch table spent the entire time talking about weddings and stuff like that. I've kinda been thinking about it ever since. Thinking about how much I really would love to get married. Not yet, obviously, but someday. In 4 years or so, I should think. By then I'll be done with the first bit of college, and perhaps by that point I'll actually be ready to move out of my parents' house. I think I want a church wedding. That's weird, considering I'm not really all that fond of my church, but I do want to get married in a church. Actually, my dream is getting married in a big cathedral...one of the big old pretty ones like they've got in England...but I really don't think that would even be possible. Funny thing is, you know how there's that stereotype that most girls have had their weddings planned since the age of seven or something? I'd never really even put any thought into it at all until recently. Heck, until this year I never even thought I'd get married. *shrug* I really do want to, though. Just...not yet.

Wow. Chel*Kat just IMed me...I haven't talked to her since...months ago. I know I've talked to her once or twice since camp, but not recently. So that's kind of cool.

I should work on my English paper, since that's technically the reason I'm even on the computer tonight...but I just can't concentrate on it.

...whoa. Jon just IMed me too. Geez, it's like a reunion.

I started this entry at 8:41. It is now 9:37. Perhaps I should stop writing now?
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I'm still talking like Betsy. it's kinda funny.

I've also picked up Kirsten's habit of calling people "sweetie"

so it's only been 2 days, and I've already talked to like half our group...possibly more than half...I can't do math anymore, lol.
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right. well. I'm home, though not really feeling like talking to the outside world much at the moment...all I really feel like doing is talking to my camp friends and writing about what happened at camp.

camp was fun for the most part. we did a lot of just talking and laughing and stuff. played spoons a lot the first few days ("hey Jon, where's the pink pen?")

the music was decent, but there wasn't any one piece that really stuck out as being super hard or whatever. we got to keep our sheet music this year though! I'm seriously gonna frame my copy of Just a Closer Walk.

somehow, it doesn't seem like our group of people is as close-knit this year as it was in the past. it didn't help that everyone split off into couples...Heather and Brian, Allison and Jeff, Justin and Brassie (so cute together!!!!!), Jon and Chelsea...so yeah. it made things weird.

Jon and Chelsea would do well to realize that tonsil hockey is not a spectator sport.

I mean, I still love both of them to death, but seriously. ew.

so much was different about camp this year, and it's not just that Charbs wasn't there. there were more rules, for one thing. and the older girls were stuck in the basement this year, which kinda sucked. except that at least it wasn't hot.

I really did enjoy camp though. the only "bad" part was the angst-inducing properties of the dance this year. it really sucks to be at a dance watching the guy you've had a crush on for 2 years being all kissy-faced with one of your friends.

but a few of us went back to the dorm and had an angst-fest afterwards, so it was slightly easier to deal with. yeah. chocolate, music, and just being away from everyone else helps make things better.

Friday night we didn't get to have our customary crying fest like we usually do on the last night of camp, so that made things harder on Saturday.

Saturday morning, I started crying at around 7 (because I had to take everything off my bed...it was really depressing) and cried on and off throughout the day. as soon as the concert was over, I started bawling and couldn't stop for probably like an hour...all my friends signed my shirt...and I got more hugs than I ever have on one day before.

gah. I want to go back. I miss all my friends. it's funny, I'm closer to them than I am to most of my friends from Davison, but I never get to see them. I fully intend to go to their football games and concerts and stuff as much as possible this year. and I'm going to Betsy's party next week. and Justin says that he's gonna come play DDR with me as soon as he can drive. yay.
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IT'S TODAY IT'S TODAY IT'S TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no, I'm not excited, what are you thinking?

yeah. I'm excited, I'm tired (due to having stayed up until 11 talking to *ahem* people...I do feel more content now though, less confused, all that jazz...so...thanks)

we're leaving in like 10 minutes. w00t.

see you all in a week.
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dude. 2 days, 16 hours, and 22 minutes until sign-in!


got my first paycheck today. also w00t. shall go to FYE tomorrow and spend money.
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Spider-Man 2 was brilliant! though by now we've definitely established that Peter Parker has BLUE EYES. No, not just blue eyes, BLUE EYES. don't ask. if you haven't seen the movie, you just wouldn't get it.

as I was watching all the crazy cool Spidey fighting moves and whatever, I realized just how much I missed that. *sigh*

and it's obvious that there's gonna be Spider-Man 3. with Hobgoblin, yay! and maybe the Lizard too, who knows.

not gonna say anything more about it, for the sake of those who haven't seen it yet.

3 DAYS UNTIL WOLVERINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to see everyone. it'll be awesome.

and, besides that, it'll be nice to get away from home and all my confusion and such for a week. maybe it'll clear my mind a bit. (though with my luck, I'll probably just end up more confused.)

but yeah. happiness. joy. excitement.
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6 days! I can't wait!

talked to a couple of my camp friends today, actually...it's amazing just how much I miss them.

I want it to be Sunday now!
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9 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that is all.
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I got the job!!!!!

15 hours/week. not too shabby.

18 days until Wolverine!
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went shopping and got several hours' worth of new music today, huzzah! it's weird, I seem to usually buy CD's in pairs, and the pairs never really make sense. I mean, today I bought Five Iron Frenzy and Frank Sinatra. what a combination, huh?

I'm all happy...went to the library today to pick up a book for Mum, and found out that I get to go in for a job interview on Monday! w00t!

24 days until Wolverine!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jun. 1st, 2004 06:43 pm
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well, this is awesome. I can be online without feeling guilty now. it's wonderful, having the project done. I presented today, and, amazingly, it took longer in class than it had when I rehearsed it last night. so I don't think I failed.

I love how a couple seniors came back today, even though last Thursday was their last day.

AIM makes me so incredibly happy. I just thought I'd let everyone know. it's far too much fun. especially when we get crazy random conversations going about nothing at all.

these next few weekends are going to be crazy busy. open houses galore (which reminds me, I need to go card shopping...), graduation, and ACT (a week from Saturday).

I really wish that I wasn't so weirdly emotional lately. I mean, today I almost started crying because we didn't have decent food to eat...yeah, I'm getting sick of not being able to eat normal food (curse these stupid teeth!), but that's no reason to start crying, is it?

you know, I think that if it weren't for band camp, I'd be on total psycho withdrawal this summer. seriously...I mean, I get my weekly fix of psycho from talking to Ian after church every Sunday, but now that their choir is over for the summer, I'm probably not going to see him again until fall. meaning no insanity for me. but camp should remedy that...I'll get enough craziness there to last me the rest of the summer, I bet.

Let it be known that Joey Robideau is a miserable little troll.

silly thought of the day: "to most people, the glass is either 1/2 empty or 1/2 full. to an engineer, the glass is twice as big as it needs to be."

good luck to all who are trying out for symphonic band!

47 days until camp. waiting is killing me.

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huzzah. the English project is finished! it's not very good, but it's finished. and if I don't rush too much when presenting, it'll even be long enough.

my mouth doesn't hurt anymore, which is nice, though I'm still not sure if I'm going to be able to play tomorrow or not.

exhaustion is bad. I've been working on my project all day, and it's kinda tiring. ah well, it's done and over with, and I've still got a few hours to just chill. which is nice, since this'll really be the first relaxing I've done all weekend.

well, that's really about all I've got to say now...

48 days until Wolverine!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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nothing really happened today.

except that I definitely felt like I was going to pass out in orch today because of the LotR piece...nasty wicked high A...

I really think I need to stop pulling muscles in my neck.

hey, I get to be on DTV tomorrow...student of the month. grr...of all the times it could be, it had to be this particular week...we're supposed to get our pictures taken on Thursday. ah well. I don't really want the whole school seeing my picture every day anyways...blecchhh

tomorrow is going to feel like the longest day in history!

at least I'm all packed (well, except for the stuff that I can't pack yet because I use it between now and then)

1 day til Orlando! cuz today no longer counts cuz it's almost over.

111 days until camp.

wow that's a lotta 1's.

sleepy time! *grin*
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aah. Birmingham was fun. got to visit with Justin and Betsy, which was awesome. but I've decided that I need to grow another 2 inches or so, that way I won't hurt my neck when I hug Justin (he's far too tall)

the musical was pretty good. well, as good as Oklahoma can get...it has the dumbest plotline of any musical I've ever seen. I was amused by the fact that there was a real horse at the end. it was pretty cool. I was also amused my the fact that half the cowboys were played by girls.

heh. who'd have thought that Bryan McCoy could sing? he's irritating. but he played an irritating character. so there.

Mum took me and Betsy out for coffee (well, she had coffee, we had hot chocolate) afterwards. of course, it took like half an hour after the musical ended to leave cuz we were talking to Justin (he couldn't come with us because he had to stay at the school for the cast party). yeah. we got to the coffee place at midnight. I finally got home at about quarter to 2. how great is that?

and I've had stupid songs from Oklahoma stuck in my head ever since. and it's driving me absolutely insane.

112 days until Wolverine.

3 days until Orlando!

en garde?

Mar. 26th, 2004 07:19 pm
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wow today was pretty cool.

we had a pizza party in band today and that was grand. near the end of class somebody decided to see how many people could fit into Schuster's office...I think we managed to get like 20 or so. not a clue.

but the best part was when people were fencing and playing baseball with the empty pop bottles...it was Steve and Josh C and Jake and Chelsea...those kids are cool...

I wish I had a group of friends like that. Don't get me wrong, I love my friends with all my heart, but I wish that for once I could just have people to hang out with.

I spent most of this afternoon in my room reading and in the basement playing DDR. I really need to go do stuff sometimes, instead of just sitting at home.

Orlando will be a welcome change.

5 days!

114 days until Wolverine.


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