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So. I made this fanfic for the 2013 [livejournal.com profile] avengers_rbb. And then life happened, so the accompanying fic didn't happen, and somehow I just never got around to posting my fanmix. But I'm actually really happy with how it turned out, so I figured I should actually post it.

Pairing(s): Clint Barton/Phil Coulson
Rating: PG-13 to be safe
Universe: movieverse
Warnings: None
Summary: Clint and Phil. In high school.
Notes: This was way too freaking much fun to make. Left-aligned are Clint's lyrics, right-aligned are Phil's, and center-aligned are for both.

Playlist on Youtube
Cover art on tumblr for reblogging purposes.

Small Town – John Mellencamp
Well I was born in a small town
And I live in a small town
Prob'ly die in a small town
Oh, those small communities

Fast Car – Tracy Chapman
You got a fast car
I want a ticket to anywhere
Maybe we make a deal
Maybe together we can get somewhere
Any place is better
Starting from zero got nothing to lose
Maybe we'll make something
But me myself I got nothing to prove

Learning to Fly – Tom Petty
Well I started out down a dirty road
Started out all alone
And the sun went down as I crossed the hill
And the town lit up, the world got still
I'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings
Coming down is the hardest thing

Roll Me Away – Bob Seger
Just then I saw a young hawk flyin'
And my soul began to rise
And pretty soon
My heart was singin'

Dancing in the Dark – Bruce Springsteen
Man I'm just tired and bored with myself
Hey there baby, I could use just a little help

Walk of Life – Dire Straits
He got the action, he got the motion
Yeah, the boy can play
Dedication devotion
Turning all the night time into the day

Refugee – Tom Petty
We got somethin', we both know it, we don't talk too much about it
Ain't no real big secret, all the same, somehow we get around it

Handle with Care – Traveling Wilburys
Been beat up and battered 'round
Been sent up, and I've been shot down
You're the best thing that I've ever found
Handle me with care

You’ll Accomp’ny Me – Bob Seger
A gypsy wind is blowing warm tonight
The sky is starlit and the time is right
And still you're tellin' me you have to go
Before you leave there's something you should know
I'll take my chances babe I'II risk it all
I'll win your love or I'II take the fall

Lonely Ol’ Night – John Mellencamp
It's a lonely ol' night
Can I put my arms around you
It's a lonely ol' night
Custom made for two lonely people like me and you

Maggie May – Rod Stewart
That don't worry me none in my eyes you're everything
I laughed at all of your jokes my love you didn't need to coax

Night Moves – Bob Seger
Out past the cornfields where the woods got heavy
Out in the back seat of my '60 Chevy
Workin' on mysteries without any clues
Workin' on our night moves
In the summertime
In the sweet summertime

Summer of ‘69 – Bryan Adams
Oh and when you held my hand
I knew that it was now or never
Those were the best days of my life
Back in the summer of '69
Man we were killin' time
We were young and restless
We needed to unwind

Badlands – Bruce Springsteen
I believe in the love that you gave me,
I believe in the hope that can save me

Against the Wind – Bob Seger
And the secrets that we shared
The mountains that we moved
Caught like a wildfire out of control
Till there was nothing left to burn and nothing left to prove

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